Facial Recognition System

The facial recognition system is an innovative computer application which automatically identifies or verifies a person from his digital image or video frame taken from video footage. One of all the ways to accomplish this is by comparing some facial features from an image and the facial database.

It is normally used in security surveillance systems and may be compared to the other biometrics like eye iris or fingerprint recognition one. The facial recognition program is a physiological one so it is used when ensuring mass security.

It is a computer program or an application, through which the individual is identified using the help of a digital or a video frame. The significant part of the facial recognition system is its ability to differentiate between the background and the face. That also helps with the identification of some face hiding in a crowd or a similar situation.

A face has a lot of distinguishing valleys, landmarks and peaks which make up its features. The system compares then these features of a face and the ones which are entered in the facial database. The system utilizes 80 points of nodes - nodes which comprise the print of a person’s face. Those points are made to measure then and make a code in the way of numbers which are representatives of the database face.